On the Farm

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Photo Gallery

These are some photos of my beloved pygmy goats and their kids.  I hope you enjoy them. 

Littlebit playing

Rex my first buck

Littlebit playing

Mama looks on as little ones play

I like you

Do you think I could walk upright?

I just can't reach it!

Time to get some rest

Red a young buck wanting to get to the female.

I am Red - one of the bucks at Winding Creek Farm

Leo making sure no one gets outside the fence.

Must be time to eat!

They cut this tree just for us.

This is just so much fun

Lacy & Onyx playing. Do we have to come in NOW?

I think I am really cute. But I am non-registered because of the white down my back.

My name is Mocha and I am a new color that is being introducted. I am a light brown agouti.

I am part of that new color being introducted. I am a dark brown agouti

I am a registered caramel buck waiting to go home with someone.

And just what are you looking at?

my name is Piper. I was a triplet and my two brothers got all the milk so I am bottle fed.

I am King!!

I am a registered buck who could go home with you also.

I am sure it is around here someplace

I am Blackie, One of the bucks at Winding Creek Farm.

You still there?

I am Leo - I have to work for my supper.

I am Misty the Queen of the place!

I am pooped! email me at windingcreekpygmygoats@gmail.com

-----------------------I am a smoky silver agouti