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Here are only a few of my Does.  I have over 20 and the page will not allow for all of them.  These Does are  non-registered for the most part or in progeny testing.  If you are wanting to view my REGISTERED Does you will need to return to Winding Creek and go to the NPGA page.

Winding Creek Zulu

Zulu is a pure pygmy.  I got her mother form the Zoo.  They did not take the time to file the registration and over time lose the paper work. 

Winding Creek Piper

Piper was bottle feed.  She was one of four born to her mother.  She follows me around like a puppy dog, plays with our Golden Retriever and comes when you call her name.  She is a mess!

Winding Creek Boots

Boots is a strong good breeder.  She is like piper in the fact that she does not have proper making to be registered.  She has brown cannons instead of black. 

Winding Creek Spice

When the sun hits her just right she looks the color of apricot but she has all the markings of a medium caramel.  She is a friendly and well marked pygmy.

Winding Creek Mocha

Mocha is a beautiful brown agouti.  She has a darker head and legs with a lighter redish body.  She has white on her ears and mussel and the color of her head runs down her back and tail.  She is a very beautiful pygmy.

Winding Creek Princess

Princess is indeed a Princess among my pygmyies.  She has perfect markings and a very friendly personality. Her mother is in progeny testing and if she is registered then Princess will be registered also as well as Mocha her half sister.

Winding Creek Marble Ann

She is something else.  All her babies seem to be wearing a tutu.  She has many beautiful colors and if it were not for the white hairs running down her back she would be registered.

Winding Creek Heather

Heather is one of my oldest Does.  She thinks she owns the place.

Winding Creek Abby

We called Abby 'The Devil' for many years but she has mellowed out with age.

Winding Creek Pepper

Pepper has a mind of her own but she will always do anything you ask when you have the grain bucket in your hand.