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Goats, goats and more goats!

I love watching the little ones play

Wite Doe and Black Wether playing

How do you like the white around my leg?

When I was first born I would get in this and could not get out. It only took me two days to learn how to jump out of it.

Don't leave - come and play with us

Triplets playing "King of the mountain"

Since when did they start putting hay in milk crates?

Who cares about hay when you can eat an ear!

Yeah well there is no milk crate here. I hope I don't get tired before I get full.

This is a good ear to nibble on too!

We still prefer mother's milk but she is not giving us much these days

Ladies club with refreshments

Let me at those ladies and I will show you how to make more!

Eat you heart out, Teddy, these ladies are with me!

Sugar wondering why Teddy is not content with her.

Tar-Baby is in progeny testing. Hopefully I will know soon if she will be registered.

Marble Ann everyone is laughing at you thinking you have on a Tutu

My name is Tutu - who is laughing?

Don't let them make fun of you ladies, they are just jealous that you have on skirts and they don't.

I am beautiful and I have a beautiful personality to match. My mother is Tar-baby.

Oh Mama, Let me at her!

Where is that milk?

You can say what you want to about being beautiful Mocha but I am the favorite and I have the best personality of all of you!

Below you will find one of the bucks sold from my stock. He has been named Buddy and his owners shared these pictures with me and gave permission for them to be added to my site. I think he is just beautiful!

I am Piper and I was bottle fed. I was a year old in February 2008

You coming?

Wake me up when it's milking time.

So what do you think?

I miss my grandkids!! Email me at windingcreekpygmygoats@gmailcom